No wheat,
but more meat
Labrador dog - Wheat-free PrimaDog dog food products

No wheat, but more meat

Meat is the most important element of a dog's nutrition. That is why meat is always the most important ingredient in PrimaDog complete nutrition foods. We want to give your dog everything it needs to live a long and healthy life. That is why we do not use wheat, soya or artificial sweeteners or colourants in our foods. We are also dog-owners, so we only make foods that we would feed to our own dogs.

PrimaDog's mission is for every dog to live a happy and healthy life. In pursuit of this mission, PrimaDog provides meaty complete nutrition foods that meet all of your dog's nutritional requirements. All of our dry foods are fortified with a superfood mix of Nordic herbs and berries to boost your dog's well-being. We also want PrimaDog products to be readily available to everyone. To this end, we aim to make super premium quality available in the shops where you do all your other shopping, and not just in specialist pet shops.

The PrimaDog product range includes wheat-free dry foods, entirely grain-free dry foods, wet foods, sausages, treats and chewbones – everything you need to  feed your dog diversely. Whether your dog is a little athlete or is big enough to steal your favourite armchair, PrimaDog's extensive selection provides everything your dog needs for a full and happy life.