Changing the dog's diet PrimaDog

Changing the dog's diet

Some dogs are naturally very picky eaters, or they have sensitive stomachs, which react easily to new foods. If you want to change your dog’s diet, start slowly.

Helpful tips for a smooth transition to new dog food:

  • Always offer new food to the dog gradually so the dog’s stomach has time to adjust, and the dog gets used to the new taste.
  • On the first day, mix the new and old dog food together so that only 1/5 of the meal is new food.
  • In the following days increase the amount of the new food bit by bit until the dog’s whole meal is new food and the dog eats it willingly. Usually this takes about a week, but with some dogs this can take much longer. If the dog is reluctant to eat solely the new food, continue mixing it with the dog’s old food.
  • Sometimes the new diet can cause stomach issues to the dog. During the transition, observe how your dog’s digestive system is working. If needed, change the ratio or quantity of the old and new food.
  • If your dog is a picky eater, you can make the food more tempting by adding some of your dog’s favorite treats in the meal.
  • You can rotate your dog’s food by mixing different types of dog foods and varying the protein sources. For example, wet food and raw or cooked meat make the dog’s meals tastier and can support your dog’s gut health. But remember, 70 % of the dog’s daily diet should be complete food so the dog gets all the needed nutrients.

Sudden change in the dog’s diet can make the dog’s stomach upset. When you start giving new food for your dog little by little, the dog has time to adjust to the new diet.

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