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Nourishing food for every snout

Have you already spotted the little icon in the top corner of PrimaDog's packaging? That icon is our way of showing that we are helping dogs in need. Every four-legged friend deserves proper food and a loving home where they can be their cheerful selves.

By picking PrimaDog dog food from the shelves, you are supporting animal welfare. Each PrimaDog product you buy increases our charity fund!

Help across Europe

For us, charity is not just talk, it is actions that smell like kibble. We are committed to international charity work, coordinating donations from Finland both domestically and across Europe. Regular donations are made not just in Finland, but also in Estonia and Sweden.

Our donations have helped organisations like Hard Luck Paws, which helps homeless dogs in Greece, Rekku Rescue in Estonia and Finland, Pet Rescue Finland helping homeless Lithuanian dogs, and the Estonian animal shelter Valga. We have also donated dog food to dogs in Ukraine.

In Sweden, we regularly donate dog food, chew bones, and treats to the country's largest dog welfare organization, Hundstallet. Dogs finding new homes through them get a PrimaDog product pack, tailored to each dog's needs by Hundstallet's staff. We also sell PrimaDog products at events organized by Hundstallet, donating all sales proceeds to them, and give unsold products to charity.

Overall, we donate thousands of kilos of dog food annually to homeless dogs and other charity causes. For example, in 2022, over 2000 kilos of dog food were sent from PrimaDog's Finnish warehouse to animal welfare organizations.

PrimaDog ja Pet Rescue Finland ruokkivat koiria

“There are so many dogs needing help. We get about 10 calls a day about dogs left alone in yards, abused, or from accidental litters. The need for help is huge, and there are few helpers. Thanks to PrimaDog's donations, the shelter doesn't have to worry each month about how to feed the around 20 dogs in its care. Besides shelter dogs, food is also distributed to dozens of dogs living in poor conditions with their low-income owners, who are either not ready to bring them to the shelter or don’t want to part with their dogs.” - Cooperation shelter Mazas Dragas in rural Lithuania, Pet Rescue Finland.

A happy dog is bright-eyed and lively, enjoying moments with their human. Dive deeper into the PrimaDog story.

Dog feeding experts at your service

We believe a dog's wellbeing starts with what is in their food bowl. That is why we make dog food that is kind to the dog’s stomach and packed with meat, without unnecessary fillers. All our products are always wheat-free, and you will find grain-free options too.

Need tips on feeding your dog and making daily life with your furry friend smoother? Get ideas for day-to-day life from PrimaDog's articles!

Feeding your four-legged friend is carefree and easy with PrimaDog dog foods, available in supermarkets and selected specialty stores. Treat your dog with a taste of the Nordic happiness and sniff out our retailers.

All PrimaDog products are designed in the Nordics, and our dry and wet foods come from our own factories in Europe.

Every dog deserves a belly full of nutritious, stomach-friendly food.