Every dog is entitled to high-quality food

Have you noticed the symbol in the top-right corner of our packages which communicates PrimaDog's commitment to charitable work? PrimaDog's overarching principle is that every dog is entitled to proper food. Not only does PrimaDog produce food that looks after your dog's well-being, but it also does good things for dogs in other ways.

Every dog deserves to live in a loving home and be treated well. But because this is by no means a matter of course, we take responsibility by donating to causes that promote dog well-being around Europe. Every time a PrimaDog product is purchased, the charity fund grows larger! 

A happy and healthy life

PrimaDog's mission is for every dog to live a happy and healthy life. That is why we make food that corresponds to your dog's natural nutritional requirements. More meat, no wheat! We believe that canine well-being begins at the food bowl. 

We aim to help dog owners who are looking for the best possible food for their dogs and are wondering what the right diet should be. By choosing a PrimaDog product, you can be sure that you are offering your dog high-quality, meaty food designed to be good for your dog. We also aim to make it easy to buy food: that is why PrimaDog food is available in supermarkets as well as specialist shops.