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White roll with duck 13 cm

White roll with duck
No chicken
No corn
No grain
No wheat
No chicken
No corn
No grain
No wheat

  • A low-fat chew bone
  • Coated with duck fillet
  • No chicken, no wheat
  • For a healthy mouth and teeth
  • For activation and leisure
Fat content
1 %
Protein content
70 %

PrimaDog's White roll with duck is a traditional dog chew with a delicious twist, as its rawhide core is coated with tasty duck fillet. That's why it's worth serving to even the pickiest of four-legged friends!

Dogs have a natural need to chew, and this delicious bone is perfect for that need. At the same time, it helps your dog's oral health by mechanically cleaning its teeth. White roll with duck does not contain chicken, so it can also be suitable for dogs that are sensitive to chicken. In addition, this roll is very low in fat, wheat-free, and high in protein. White roll with duck is also available in two larger sizes: White roll with duck 25 cm (LINK) for medium sized dogs and White roll with duck 38 cm for larger furry friends.

PrimaDog’s range also includes white rolls with delicious chicken fillet in three different sizes: White roll with chicken 13 cm for small dogs, White roll with chicken 25 cm (LINK) for medium dogs and White roll with chicken 38 cm for big tail waggers.

Package sizes:
550 g

Rawhide, duck, rice flour, vegetable protein, salt (0,1%).

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 70%, moisture 14%, crude ash 4%, crude fiber 2%, crude fat 1%.


Thickening agent, preservative.

Feeding guide

Always supervise your dog when it’s eating chewbones and ensure access to drinking water. Offer chewbones as a supplement to a balanced diet. The amount of treats should be at maximum 10% of dog’s daily diet and should not be used to substitute food. Not recommended for puppies under 4 months. Store in a cool and dry place.

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Package sizes:
550 g
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