PrimaDog's juicy, meaty dog treats let you show your pet how much you care. Delicious tuna bits to hide away, juicy venison treats for forest-lovers or tasty duck fillet to get your dog active – choose your dog's own favourites! The wheat-free dog treats are great for dogs to chew on or catch in the air. What a delicious addition to a full diet!

PrimaDog treats are great for indulging your four-legged friend or taking with you to training sessions. The low-fat dog treats come in several flavours, from familiar chicken chunks to venison delicacies for special occasions. The foods do not contain any added sugar or wheat.

Our range of treats has something for every dog, whether large or small. We have not forgotten about dogs with sensitive stomachs – they may like to try our special grain free treats. PrimaDog's treats and snacks are suitable for everyday indulgence and for training your dog, and you can use them alongside a full diet.