Northern Treats

PrimaDog Northern Treats are mouth-watering, grain-free dog treats made from fresh meat with an extra high meat content, and a boost from Nordic berries. We have crafted these delicious treats with a whole lot of love for our furry friends, tapping into top-notch Nordic know-how and using only the finest ingredients. They are easy to slice without any mess, making them spot on for training sessions or just as tasty morsels.

Northern Treats Bits, smaller but equally tasty as our original bars, have the same semi-moist texture. These handy little bits are great for on-the-go training or playtime with your dog. Also suitable for puppies.

PrimaDog Northern Treats is a completely grain-free range of treats for your dog. The meaty and tasty dog treats have been developed with love for our own dogs, utilising the best Nordic product knowledge and high-quality raw materials. These dog treats do not contain any grains, sugars or other extras. Northern Treats come from our factory in Estonia.

These oven-roasted dog treats get their delicious flavours from tasty meat options and fish, as well as northern herbs and berries. Thanks to their easy-to-cut and comfortably soft composition, Northern Treats are perfect for joint training moments and as small delicacies. The tasty treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes.