Grain-free meals

From the PrimaDog Mini Meal pouch, you serve your dog a grain-free, meaty mini meal or a succulent accompaniment to your dog’s daily food. Choose rich lamb, tender venison or juicy fish enriched with superfood herbs and blackcurrant. Pack the convenient pouches into your travel bag or as a reward in training!

PrimaDog wet foods are made at our plants in Estonia and Czech Republic – to a high standard of quality and without compromising on meat. Our in-depth product development process has enabled us to create flavour options for dogs with sensitive stomachs. See how your dog likes a succulent beef meal, a tender chicken meal or the Mini Meals with three flavour options – our product range has something for every dog!

Wheat-free meals and dog sausages and the grain-free Mini Meal wet foods make ideal main meals as well as accompaniments for your four-legged friend. The convenient size of the Mini Meal pouches is specially designed for the needs of small dogs. The meals, Mini Meals and sausages are easy to pack into a travel bag, and they do not contain any preservatives or colourants. Sausage is also useful for training your dog – the consistency of the sausage makes it easy to chop up into bite-sized chunks. The Mini Meal pouch is also a handy reward option for training.