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Wheat-free dog food

More meat, no wheat: the basics of dog's nutrition

Meat is the most important element in a dog's nutrition, which is why meat is always the main ingredient in PrimaDog complete dog foods. From meat the dog gets essential amino acids that are crucial for the dog’s muscles and fitness.

Animal fat is also an important factor in a dog’s diet since it is the major energy source for dogs. The digestive tract of a dog is short and fast. Hence, the dog needs high energy and well absorbed food.

Dogs can utilize carbohydrates, such as rice and maize, as energy to some extent, but carbohydrates mainly promote the digestion. If the carbohydrate content of the dog food is too high the dog may suffer from stomach issues, like diarrhea.

Why choose wheat-free dog food?

No wheat
In every wheat-free PrimaDog product you can find this icon.

Meat is the most expensive ingredient in dog foods, which leads to a problem that some dog food brands use cheap ingredients as wheat or soy to replace some of the meat.

Some dogs are better at digesting wheat than others. However, wheat and soy can cause allergy symptoms for some dogs. If your dog has digestive problems, flatulence, acid reflux or itchy skin, you should check the quality of the food your dog is eating.

Quality dog food contains plenty of animal-based protein and suitable amount of easy to digest carbohydrates. PrimaDog dog foods are always rich with meat. As source of carbohydrates, we use naturally gluten-free potato, dried apple, pea starch and maize that are cooked properly so dogs can digest and utilize them as efficiently as possible.

For your dog’s well-being, PrimaDog dog foods, treats and chewbones are always wheat and soy free. Find out more about PrimaDog wheat-free complete dog foods.

grain-free dog food

With some dogs the grain-free diet is the most suitable especially if the dog gets stomach issues or allergy symptoms from dog food that contains grains. Most common grains used in dog food are wheat, rice, and maize. In grain-free dog food these typical sources of carbohydrates are replaced with for example potatoes or peas.

Read more about dog's grain-free diet.

PrimaDog has a wide selection of entirely grain-free dog food, which are a good choice for any dog, but particularly for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. Explore PrimaDog grain-free dry foods and PrimaDog grain-free wet foods for dogs.