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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you can´t find an answer to your question, please reach out to us using our contact form. 

Where are PrimaDog products manufactured, and which countries do the ingredients come from?

We produce dry dog foods in our own factory in the Czech Republic, with a significant portion of their ingredients sourced from nearby European countries. Our Mini Meals wet foods are also produced in our Czech factory. Sausages for dogs and Wheat-free meals are made in our factory in Estonia, and their ingredients mainly come from the Nordic and Baltic regions. We only import lamb meat from New Zealand to ensure availability.

From our Estonian factory, we also have Northern Treats, primarily using Baltic or Polish meat based on availability.

The meat used in Wild Bites dog treats, produced in the Czech Republic, mainly comes from the Czech Republic and its nearby European regions. Meaty Treats and Training Snacks, as well as Meaty and White chew bones, come from China.

We manufacture Rough Chews in our factory in Poland from European ingredients.

The potato flakes we use are produced from raw material for human food production. Food legislation sets limits for glycoalkaloids, and the glycoalkaloid content of the potato flakes used in our dog food is within these limits. The origin of the potato flakes is the Netherlands.

We test finished products according to our self-monitoring plan. Our self-monitoring plan includes, among other things, raw material reception, sampling, storage, use in production, documentation and traceability information. We test the quality of our products throughout production with laboratory tests to ensure that the product meets the compositional specifications and labelling up to the best-before date.

For more information about the quality and responsibility of our products, please read further.

How much and how often should I feed my dog?

An adult dog is usually fed 1–2 times a day. How much a dog eats per day depends on factors such as the dog’s size, age, and activity level. Dog food packages usually have approximate feeding recommendations based on the dog's weight. Read PrimaDog's guidelines for feeding your dog here.

How many treats can I give my dog in a day?

We recommend that treats make up no more than 10% of your dog's daily energy intake. Read more about dog treats and how to use them. 

Why are some dog treats not recommended for puppies under 4 months of age?

Not all dog treats are suitable for young puppies. Dried meat treats, for instance, can absorb a significant amount of fluid in the dog's body due to their composition, which can lead to dehydration in small puppies. Additionally, some treats contain high levels of protein and may disrupt the mineral balance in the diet, particularly for puppies of small breeds. Read more about feeding a puppy.

In all PrimaDog packages, it is clearly stated if we do not recommend a particular product for puppies under 4 months of age.

Has the recipe for the dry food been changed since it looks different?

Sometimes, there may be slight batch-to-batch differences in the colour, size, shape, or scent of the kibble, even though the recipe remains the same. The kibble might be, for instance, darker, lighter, smaller, larger, thicker, or flatter than before, and it might have a different scent. These observed appearance differences between batches are a natural variation of the ingredients. For example, there may be a slight variation in the amount of starch and in how the kibble absorbs fat.

Even if the colour tone or size of the kibble is different from before, the product is still safe to use. If you have any concerns about the product's quality, read about our 100% satisfaction guarantee or fill out the form for faulty product.

Why do you use peas in dry food?

Dry food needs starch as a binding agent to keep the kibble together and prevent it from crumbling at the bottom of the package. In grain-free dry food, grains are replaced with ingredients like potatoes or peas, which are good sources of starch and carbohydrates.

Every dog is unique. Peas may be suitable for one dog's stomach, while another may do well with rice or another source of carbohydrates. We aim to use generally well-tolerated and easily digestible ingredients and to create our product range so that a tasty and stomach-friendly option is available for as many dogs as possible.

In PrimaDog dry foods, only the starchy part of the pea is used, so it does not impair the absorption of nutrients. Pea starch, unlike a whole pea, contains very few phytates because they are bound to proteins.

What does “meat and animal by-products” mean in the product composition information?

“Meat and animal by-products” on the packaging indicates the product contains by-product assortments of different livestock from the food industry. When manufacturing dog food, meanly food industry’s by-products are used as ingredients. Leftover meats and organs from the food industry have excellent nutritional value for dogs, and their use helps reduce waste. 

If the dog food product contains fish in addition to meat, it is always separately indicated in the product description. In our packaging labels, we adhere to the Finnish Feed Act as well as the general recommendations and naming guidelines of the industry.

What is in the moisture removal bag inside the product packages? Is it harmful to dogs?

The moisture absorber packet contains iron oxide, and it should not be left within the reach of the dog. We recommend contacting a vet if the dog has eaten the packet.

Where can I find the product’s batch information?

The batch information for the product can be found on a label, which is either located in a designated area on the packaging (usually on the back bottom right of the product) or elsewhere on the packaging. The label includes the best-before-date and the batch information, which is necessary for tracing a specific batch of the product. The batch information is a combination of letters and numbers located next to the date.

How the satisfaction guarantee works?

With PrimaDog's 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can try our products for your dog worry-free. If the product is not suitable or to your dog's taste, we will provide a refund for the product. Read more about our satisfaction guarantee.

Where can I buy PrimaDog dog food and other products?

Check our retailers.
You can also contact our customer service. See our customer service contact information.

How can I apply for PrimaDog sponsorship?

PrimaDog actively participates and sponsors different kinds of activities, and through our partners and sponsorship program we want to support as many dogs as possible. PrimaDog annually supports several different animal welfare organizations. If you are interested in the PrimaDog sponsorship program, please contact your country’s PrimaDog customer service.