Partnerships and sponsorships

Dogs are active animals that need plenty of activity and things to do. We aim to promote canine well-being and play a part in supporting various hobbyist activities. PrimaDogs are members of many different breeds.

PrimaDog works with various organisations and federations, supporting their activities and enabling them to reach out to as many dogs as possible. PrimaDog actively seeks new ways to help and get involved in dog-related activities. Read more about our current partnerships below. 

The Finnish Agility Association (SAGI)

PrimaDog on Suomen Agilityliitto SaAGIn pääsponsori

PrimaDog became the main sponsor of the Finnish Agility Association in 2019. PrimaDog is proud to be involved in supporting a hobby that is shared by many Finnish dogs and their owners and has long traditions and ambitious activities in Finland.

The Finnish Agility Association (SAGI) is an association of Finnish agility clubs. SAGI is not just a central organisation. It also works with its member clubs to promote and develop every aspect of agility sport, exercise and hobbyist activities for the good of dogs. The Finnish Agility Association aims to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of hobbyists. The purpose of the Association's operations is to promote dog training and well-being, and improve dog-keeping in general. SAGI works as a central organisation for agility clubs, advocating in the interests of agility as a hobby.



PrimaDog on JOAWC2022 virallinen pääyhteistyökumppani

PrimaDog is the official main partner of the World Junior Open Agility Championships (FCI JOAWC 2022). The competitions will take place in Vantaa (FIN), 14-17 July 2022. PrimaDog is the main partner of SAGI for the fourth year now, and we also want to be closely involved in supporting junior agility. 



Estonian Kennel Federation (Eesti Kennelliit EKU) 

PrimaDog on Viron Kennelliliiton pääsponsori

PrimaDog has been the Estonian Kennel Federation's main sponsor since 2019.

PrimaDog is visible as a sponsor at every dog show arranged by the Estonian Kennel Federation, as well as at dog-sport events arranged by the Federation.

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