Treats and chew bones made in Europe

Your dog will certainly appreciate the juicy treats and chew bones from PrimaDog. Treats are a great motivation for training and reward, and chewing bones provide not only fun, but also dental care. Plus, products are wheat or grain free and are a delicious addition to a full diet!


Rough Chews are tasty chew bones which give your dog natural activation while supporting the dog’s oral and dental health. The selection includes chew bones with meaty filling for long-lasting activation and delicious dental chew bone for lighter chewing. The chew bones are grain-free, high in protein, low in fat and contain no preservatives. Northern superfoods give the chew bones a natural vitamin boost. Rough Chews are made in Europe without compromising on quality.

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PrimaDog Rough chews žvýkací kosti
 PrimaDog wheat-free dog treats


PrimaDog Northern Treats are meaty and completely grain-free treats for your dog. These tasty dog treats have been developed with love for our own dogs, utilising the best Nordic product knowledge and high-quality raw materials. Thanks to their easy-to-cut and comfortably soft composition, Northern Treats are perfect for joint training moments and as small delicacies.

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PrimaDog's Wild Bites grain-free treats are tasty and also functional: the treats are fortified with superfood ingredients to support your dog's well-being. Thanks to the semi-wet texture, the treats are easy to cut up for smaller dogs, while the crunchy options are meant to be eaten in larger bites. The snacks do not contain wheat, soya or maize, and they are also suitable for more sensitive dogs.

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