Rough Chews chew bones

Rough Chews are tasty chew bones which give your dog natural activation while supporting the dog’s oral and dental health. The selection includes chew bones with meaty filling for long-lasting activation and delicious dental chew bone for lighter chewing. The chew bones are grain-free, high in protein, low in fat and contain no preservatives. Rough Chews are made in Europe without compromising on quality.

These Europe made Rough Chews chew bones offer activation for your dog while supporting the health of your dog’s teeth. Rough Chews selection provides your dog long-lasting and tough rawhide chews with a delicious filling enriched with Nordic superfoods. You can also choose a dental chew designed for your dog's teeth and gums, with added herbs to freshen your dog's breath.

Grain-free and low-fat PrimaDog Rough Chews are high in protein and made in our own factory in Europe without preservatives. When you want to offer your dog a moment that is both delicious and promotes the dog’s well-being, choose a high-quality Rough Chews chew bone!