Wheat-free dry food

PrimaDog's complete nutrition foods meet all of your dog's nutritional requirements. The main ingredient is always meat, and delicious PrimaDog dry foods are suitable for dogs with the most demanding palates: salmon oil for the skin and fur, and hint of Nordic berries. Chicken and lamb, high-quality ingredients that are easy to digest, are the stars of the tasty, wheat-free recipes for complete nutrition.

PrimaDog's dry foods have been developed on the basis of the latest research information with dogs' best interests in mind. The first and most important ingredient in PrimaDog's complete nutrition foods is always meat because every dog is primarily a carnivore. The main ingredients in dry foods for full-grown dogs are juicy chicken and easy-to-digest lamb.

The choice of potato, sweetcorn, apple and pea as carbohydrates means that the food is gentle on your dog's stomach. This means that our wheat-free and grain-free dry foods are also suitable for the most sensitive dogs. Salmon oil, which contains omega fatty acids, supports the well-being of the brain and eyes and helps to keep the skin healthy and the fur shiny, right to the tip of the tail. PrimaDog dry foods do not include any colourants, artificial flavourings or genetically modified ingredients.