Training Snacks

PrimaDog's Training Snacks belong in the pockets of every dog trainer! They have a suitably soft texture and are just small enough for training use. They contain no added sugar or wheat. The low-fat treats come in four delicious flavours!

PrimaDog treats are great for indulging your four-legged friend or taking with you when you are out doing hobby activities. The low-fat treats come in several flavours. Our snacks do not contain any added sugar or wheat. PrimaDog Training Snacks will get your dog's mouth watering – no matter what training you are doing.

Our range of treats has something for every dog, whether large or small. We have not forgotten about dogs with sensitive stomachs – they may like to try our special full-meat treats. PrimaDog's treats and training snacks are suitable for everyday indulgence and for training your dog, and you can use them alongside a full diet.