Wild Bites

PrimaDog's grain-free Wild Bites are tasty treats for every dog. Semi-moist options are soft and easy to cut up when needed while the crunchy treats are delicious exactly as they are! These snacks are great for every dog, also for more sensitive ones, since they do not contain any grain or unnecessary additives.

PrimaDog treats are ideal for indulging and training your dog. Grain-free Wild Bites treats are juicy and tasty – the best for your dog. PrimaDog's snacks do not contain any added sugar or wheat or unnecessary additives.

The PrimaDog range of treats has something for every dog, whether large or small. We did not forget about dogs with sensitive stomachs when we designed our range of full-meat treats. PrimaDog's treats and training snacks are suitable for everyday indulgence and for training your dog, and you can use them alongside a full diet.