PrimaDog Taste of Nordic Happiness

Taste of Nordic Happiness

Life with a dog is wet kisses, wagging tails, and selfless joy in shared play. To ensure that every dog owner has time for precious moments with their dog during everyday life, we have developed dog food that makes feeding your four-legged friend as easy and worry-free as possible.

As dog owners ourselves, we have designed PrimaDog's dog food in the land of the midnight sun and northern lights, where nature comes close to our doorstep. The fresh scent of the forest, clean air, and open space provide our furry friends with the perfect place to express their dog-like nature. From there stems the Nordic happiness.

When the pine needles have been shaken off their fur and the muddy paws dried, offer your dog a dose of northern energy with PrimaDog's stomach-soothing and nutritious dog food.

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The base of the best dog-like life

The sniffing nose that loves human petting is fundamentally still a carnivore that needs animal protein and fat. That's why all PrimaDog's dog foods always contain plenty of meat and none of the unnecessary ingredients for dogs, such as wheat. Your dog's stomach will thank you, and their coat will shine.

The Nordic superfood berries and herbs enrich all our dry foods, as well as the treats and chew bones made in Europe. Dogs of different tastes, sizes, and dietary needs will surely find their favourite meal in PrimaDog's selection. Whether your dog is a small and lively terrier or a large and gentle giant, PrimaDog offers effortless and easy choices for taking care of your furry friend's well-being.

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