PrimaDog tuotteilla on 100 prosentin tyytyväisyystakuu

PrimaDog’s 100 % satisfaction guarantee

Every dog has its own taste buds, and what might be a perfect meal for one dog may not hit the spot for another. No worries, though! At PrimaDog, we have got your back in making sure your furry friend gets the best, most tail-waggingly awesome food that supports their well-being. That is why we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on all PrimaDog products.

If the product you bought did not quite match your expectations or your dog was not feeling it, no stress! Just fill out the Satisfaction Guarantee form and our customer service will contact you. Remember to attach the receipt.

The satisfaction guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date of the receipt. We will refund one package of one product per customer.

Now, we know some of our four-legged friends can be sensitive to changes in their diet, so take it easy when introducing them to the new food. Slow and steady wins the race! Check out our tips on how to switch up your dog’s food and find the perfect match.

Quality is our jam. If you spot anything funky with our products, just shoot us a quick Faulty Product form. We are all about keeping our standards high!

Feel like digging deeper? Find out more about the top-notch quality and where PrimaDog products come from.