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Dog treats and rewarding the dog

Dog treats are not just a fantastic aid in training your dog, but they are also a delightful way to pamper your four-legged companion. Studies have shown that positive training methods, which include rewarding your dog with tasty dog treats or their favourite toys, are the most effective for both dogs and other animals alike.

In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the most suitable dog treats for your furry friend according to their needs, and how many treats you can give to your dog.

Tips for choosing the right treats for your dog

When it comes to choosing the right dog treats for your pet, there are a few tips to consider.

How many treats you will need? If you are in the middle of training sessions, you might find that you go through a packet or two of treats without even realizing it. In this case, it is best to opt for low-fat dog treats with less than 5% fat. Try out PrimaDog grain-free Wild Bites Duck with Echinacea treats that are rich in meat and easy to divide into smaller pieces if needed. They are sure to be a hit with your dog!

Using kibble as fun training treats. Your furry friend does not always need to munch on kibble from a bowl; you can also use kibble as a training reward. This way, training treats become part of your dog's daily meals. If your regular dry food is not enticing enough for your dog, try different flavoured or slightly fattier dry food.

Dog treats and chews should only make up to 10% of your dog's daily energy needs. Treats should never replace their daily meals. Read more about dogs’ nutritional needs to keep them healthy and happy.

Struggling with a picky dog? If your dog is more interested in its own activities, even if your pockets are bulging with dog treats, the solution is to find even more tempting treats! Opt for fresh meat dog treats, such as PrimaDog Northern Treats. These grain-free and irresistibly delicious treats can be easily divided into smaller pieces without crumbling. Give your dog a whole Northern Treats meat stick as a generous reward for something like a perfect recall.

PrimaDog dog treats

In the PrimaDog range you will also find chicken-free dog treats. Wild Bites Herring with Cloves and Wild Bites Lamb with Sea Buckthorn contain no chicken at all. In addition, all Wild Bites treats are grain-free. Read more.

Try wet dog food as a reward. Using wet food as a training reward might seem messy, but it can be an excellent treat for many dogs. PrimaDog's grain-free Mini Meals are handy to use as a reward and the food can be given during training sessions straight from the pouch. Mini Meals stay fresh at room temperature when unopened. You can also tip wet dog food into a bowl if your dog has earned a full pouch for being a good lad or lass.

Create a surprise treat pouch. Why not whip up a treat pouch for your furry friend, mixing the dog’s top treats with some kibble? It is a brilliant way to keep the dog guessing and eager to see what treat pops up next.

Mix up your dog's snack time by chopping and popping PrimaDog wheat-free sausages for dogs in the freezer. Explore the products.

Dog treats: also consider these

Your dog's size really matters when picking out snacks. Bigger dogs will need chunkier treats to keep them interested, while tinier dogs will do better with smaller bites. For the little sport dogs, using their daily food as a reward is a smart way to keep their treat intake on track. Take a Papillon dog under five kilos, for instance, they only need a small handful of treats to hit 10% of their daily energy needs.

Consider the type of training you are treat shopping. With agility and obedience training, you want your dog to wolf down treats on the move, so go for soft, bite-sized bits that can be gulped down without a fuss. For a more laid-back vibe, like after a good nail trim or a bit of grooming, larger, chewier treats are spot on, letting your dog really savour the moment.

Is your dog allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients like grains or specific protein sources? Remember to check the packaging of the dog treats to make sure they are suitable for your dog.

Do you know why it is worth giving your dog chew bones regularly? Read our article on the benefits of chewing chew bones.

PrimaDog dog treats are always wheat-free, and we have got loads of grain-free choices too. You are bound to find something that will make your dog's tail wag. Explore the wonderful world of dog treats and find the perfect treat for your furry friend today!


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