PrimaDog grain-free salmon & potato dog dry food fresh new look

The fresh new look of PrimaDog

PrimaDog's nutritious dog foods have been enjoyed by our four-legged friends for years. Even though our pets love a good belly rub, they are still carnivores at heart that need animal protein and fat. That is why our dog foods are packed with loads of meat and skips the stuff dogs do not need, like wheat. It means happy tummies, glossy coats, and more fun times for you and your furry friend without worries about food.

The main ingredient in PrimaDog dog foods is always meat or fish, and all our products are wheat-free. Plus, we have got some awesome grain-free options across all our product categories. Our grain-free dry foods are all about gentle, stomach-friendly animal proteins like duck, deer, and turkey. Check out PrimaDog dry food range. 

We kept the dry food recipes that your dog’s stomach loves just the way they are. So, pick up your trusted kibble in its new package from your local grocery store! See retailers.

New, more easily recyclable packaging

Get ready for PrimaDog’s fresh and inviting packaging makeover hitting the shelves in 2024. We are giving our dry and wet foods, along with some of our treats, a fabulous new look this spring. The rest of our products will be dressing up in their new outfits by autumn 2024.

Most of our new packages are made of mono-material, meaning they consist of just one type of plastic, making them even easier to recycle. And we are trimming down on plastic with our smarter package sizes. The new packaging design also benefits the environment during the printing process by using fewer printing plates and cutting down on the inks and chemicals used in printing.

From now on, you can find our dry food in either 3kg or 10kg bags. The exception to this is the grain-free PrimaDog Active Duck & Herring dry food designed for active dogs, which we will start selling exclusively in larger 10kg bags. And for those meaty Northern Treats your dog loves, they are now also in 150g bags.

Easier shopping with the new look

PrimaDog chicken & potato dog dry food packing image

We have designed our new packaging to help you quickly spot the perfect pick for your furry friend on the store shelves. Clear icons detail the product features, colour coding separates the various flavour options, and the packaging clearly shows if the product is for example for a puppy or an adult dog. Our dry food bags still come with handy features like a resealable closure and a carrying handle for the larger bags.

PrimaDog's range is full of favourites for our four-legged friends, including options that are suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. We have tweaked some recipes to boost the yum, for example our popular Northern Treats Duck&Herring and Turkey&Venison meat bars are now packed with even more meat.

Explore PrimaDog's entire product range and sniff out some new favourites for your dog!