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The benefits of grain-free dog food

Grain-free dog food means there is not a grain in sight - no wheat, oats, maize, or rice. But, kibble still needs some starch to stick together. That is why, in grain-free dog foods, traditional grains get swapped out for other dog-friendly sources of starch and carbohydrates. In PrimaDog's grain-free kibbles, these are potatoes and peas.

Dive into this article to see when grain-free dog food could be the perfect fit for your furry friend and learn more about PrimaDog’s grain-free products.

On the hunt for grain-free dog food without potatoes? Check out PrimaDog Active Duck & Herring dry food, designed especially for the needs of an active tail-wagger.

Is grain-free dog food better for dogs?

Dogs naturally prefer diets rich in animal-based proteins which are also best for their overall well-being. But, hanging out with humans for thousands of years, they have gotten pretty good at munching on whatever we leave behind, including cooked veggies, which they can handle way better than, let's say, cats. Even their distant ancestors, wolfs are not strangers to snacking on plants now and then if they need to supplement their meat-based diet.

Grains and vegetables add some much-needed fibre to your dog's diet, helping keep the dog’s digestion smooth. Plus, dogs can turn the carbohydrates from these plants into energy, although the best and primary source of energy for dogs is animal fat. That said, not all dogs need grains in their meals, and for some, grains might not sit well. If that sounds like your furry buddy, going grain-free could be the way to go.

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PrimaDog cute little dog in a Finnish forest

When should you think about switching to grain-free dog food?

Some dogs just do not do well with grains in their food and get all sorts of stomach troubles. It could be a sign they are not really friends with a certain grain. Keep an eye out for these giveaways that grains might be the troublemaker in your dog’s diet:

  • Your dog seems to have acid reflux, swallowing a lot, licking its lips, munching on loads of grass, or often licking the floor or its paws.
  • Your dog’s stomach is often upset, or on the flip side, the dog has often constipation.
  • The dog starts to stink and has flatulence more than usual.
  • You notice your dog’s stools are often slimy or runny.
  • The dog cannot stop scratching or shows other skin issues, like rashes or repeated infections in the ears or paws.

The symptoms mentioned above may not be just about grains; they could signal other food allergies or sensitivities too. That is why we have packed PrimaDog's grain-free dog food with only the good stuff – proteins that are easy on the stomach and well-tolerated by dogs, like venison, turkey, duck, and herring. Dive into our tips on feeding a dog with a sensitive stomach.

If tweaking the diet does not seem to make a difference for your furry friend, it might be time for a trip to the vet.

Thinking about switching up your dog's food? Take it slow and steady. Sudden changes can upset the dog’s stomach. Our guide will help you transition smoothly to new food.

Grain-free dog food from PrimaDog

Within each of our product categories, you will find grain-free options tailored to meet the unique needs of dogs.

Grain-free dry dog food

How about some salmon and potato, venison and turkey, or perhaps duck and herring designed for active dogs? Our grain-free dry dog foods, packed with plenty of meat, have earned a thumbs-up from dog owners for being super stomach-friendly and a hit with the whole dog crew at home. 

Discover more about PrimaDog dry foods.

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Grain-free wet dog food

PrimaDog Mini Meals in gravy are both completely grain-free and delicious wet dog foods. Pour this tiny meal as a sauce over kibble or serve up a tasty dinner for your small dog. Mini Meals are complete dog foods, so they are perfect addition for your dog's daily diet. Try them as a tasty reward during training too!

Scoop up more easy tips how to use wet dog food and explore PrimaDog's selection of wet foods and sausages for dogs. 

PrimaDog tips for diversifying dog food

Grain-free dog treats

At PrimaDog, we have got two awesome grain-free treat ranges made right here in Europe: the super meaty Northern Treats and the ever-delicious Wild Bites.

We craft the Northern Treats meat sticks and Northern Treats Bits from fresh meat dough, then let them slowly and lovingly bake in the oven at a low temperature to perfection. The result? A snack that is a surefire way to win over your furry friend's heart.

Wild Bites are handy dog treats that come in both crunchy and semi-moist options in four different flavours. Mix and match several types in your dog's treat bag and surprise your dog companion with every bite! Both of our grain-free treat ranges also offer completely chicken-free options.

Dive into the recipes and the magic behind our grain-free goodies.

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Grain-free chew bones

For the dog, PrimaDog Rough Chews smell irresistibly good. Made at our own factory in Europe, you have got the choice between a tough and durable chew bone with tasty filling for the serious chewer or a yummy crunchy bar that is perfect for dental care.

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