PrimaDog Mini Meal wet dog food

Wet dog food – Five tips for a tastier dog life

Wet dog food and sausages for dogs are great for all sorts of fun, adding some delicious variety to your dog's mealtime. Check out our five super handy tips for getting the most out of wet dog food and sausages and take a peek at PrimaDog's tasty range of wet foods and sausages for dogs. 

5 easy ways to use wet dog food

1. Mixing it up at mealtime

Ever find yourself pouring the same old kibble into your dog's food bowl every single day? Why not spice up your furry friend's diet with some juicy wet dog food that is sure to get even the pickiest of dogs excited about mealtime! Wet dog food is a super easy way to mix up the tastes and textures in your dog's meals, plus a varied diet does wonders for the dog’s gut and adds a bit of fun and surprise to your tail-wagger's day.

Wet dog food is not just a delicious side dish for kibble; it can also be a complete meal on its own if the package says it is complete dog food. All PrimaDog wet foods and sausages for dogs are complete dog food, meaning they are a perfect choice for your dog's daily meals.

A little heads-up: one decilitre of dry food is about the same as two decilitres of wet food. Why not keep dinner time interesting and swap out the usual kibble for some wet food in the evenings. 

Need some extra advice on jazzing up your dog's diet? Dive into PrimaDog's tips on treating your dog to a varied and stomach-friendly diet. 

2. Perfect food for adventure days and cabin stays

PrimaDog wet foods and sausages for dogs are great because they keep just fine unopened at room temperature, making them awesome travel companions. The individual pouches are super handy to bring along in your backpack for those forest treks and other fun outings, letting your dog dig into a meaty treat straight from the pouch. And those hefty sausages for dogs? They are just the ticket for keeping your dog fuelled up for all the activities at the cabin.

PrimaDog wheat-free wet dog food with beef packing with dog's nose

3. Hydration boost 

When the action picks up or the summer heat hits, your dog's going to need more water. Luckily, PrimaDog's wet food and sausages for dogs are packed with moisture, so they are brilliant for helping with your dog's hydration. And if your furry friend is a bit reluctant to drink up, try stirring in some of the yummy PrimaDog Mini Meal in gravy into the water to make it irresistible.

Your active dog will need extra water on those intense training and competition days. Check out our tips for figuring out just how active your dog is and how to feed your energetic buddy right. 

4. For fun and enrichment

Do not forget to give your dog's brain some proper activities to keep the dog’s spirit up and mind sharp. Squish some wet dog food onto a licking mat or freeze it inside an interactive food dispenser toy and hand it over to your dog. Doing this, your dog gets to chill out doing something it naturally enjoys, which also boosts the dog’s happiness during the indulging moment of the day.

PrimaDog dog running in forest trail

5. As a training reward

At first glance, using wet dog food as a training treat might seem a bit messy and a hassle, but it is actually a top-notch reward for lots of dogs. After an especially great performance, why not reward your dog straight from the meal pouch or prepare some wet food in little containers ready to go.

Chopped and frozen sausages for dogs are another tasty treat. Let them thaw out to room temperature before training sessions and pop them into your training jacket pocket.

Discover more about dog treats and picking the perfect reward for different occasions. 

Wheat-free wet dog food from PrimaDog

Would your four-legged friend fancy a serving of meaty pâté? PrimaDog wheat-free meals are available on the shelves of your local grocery store in handy 250 and 600-gram pouches. You have got five absolutely mouth-watering flavours to pick from, all of them a breeze to scoop into a bowl without any fuss.

At PrimaDog, we make our wheat-free wet foods with fresh meat in our very own Estonian factory, without any soy, corn, or sneaky added sugars. These meals stay fresh until you pop them open, lasting unopened at room temperature and they are good in the fridge for a couple of days. Go on, take a peek at our range. 

PrimaDog wheat-free wet dog food meals


Grain-free wet dog food

PrimaDog Mini Meals, made from fresh meat, are completely grain-free wet dog foods, packed with tender strips of meat and a rich, juicy gravy. These handy 85-gram pouches make it super easy to slide some meaty extra into your dog's bowl, and as complete dog foods, they are perfect for your little dog's daily dining.

Lamb, venison, and fish are the enticing flavours ready to delight your dog's taste buds in the Mini Meal range. Lamb and venison are often well-tolerated and particularly tasty sources of protein. The delicious Mini Meal Fish in gravy serves up fish as its sole source of animal protein, making it a tempting alternative for dogs who might be sensitive to chicken or beef proteins. 

Thanks to being grain-free, the Mini Meals could be just the ticket for expanding the flavour horizon of dogs with sensitive stomachs. Check out our tips for feeding and choosing food for a dog with a delicate tummy.

We make these tiny meals at our own factory in the Czech Republic, without any grains, soy, or added sugar.
Why not stock up on a variety of tasty Mini Meal options with a collection pack? It includes four pouches of each flavour, giving you a total of 12 Mini Meals. Sniff out your nearest PrimaDog retailer to get started.

PrimaDog labrador eating meaty Mini Meals

Hearty and tasty sausages for dogs

If PrimaDog's grain-free dry food is many dog owners' trusty choice, PrimaDog’s sausages are the real deal in the world of sausages for dogs. With an 800-gram pack of these hearty, meat-packed sausages, you can easily fuel up your furry friend and ensure tails are wagging for every dog.

Why not serve up a nice, soft, wheat-free sausage for dogs as is, or perhaps mixed into the dog’s usual kibble? With six different sausage flavours to pick from, your dog is bound to find the perfect match. Just make sure the dog munches it down within three days of opening or pop the opened pack in the freezer.

We make our scrumptious sausages for dogs in our own Estonian factory, without wheat, corn, soy, or any added sugar. Take a look at PrimaDog's range of sausages for dogs.

On the lookout for the perfect kibble for your dog? PrimaDog offers meaty dry foods that are gentle on the stomach, available both wheat-free and totally grain-free. Find out more.