PrimaDog grain-free northern treats for a rewarding dog life

Grain-free dog treats for a rewarding dog life

PrimaDog grain-free dog treats won’t stay long in your pockets during walks or training sessions, as your furry friend might just show off its entire repertoire of tricks for these treats.

The irresistible taste and enticing aroma of PrimaDog Northern Treats come from fresh meat and northern berries. Meanwhile, the PrimaDog Wild Bites range offers handy treats perfect for training and keeping your dog engaged. PrimaDog Northern Treats and Wild Bites are both made in Europe. Discover more about grain-free PrimaDog treats in this article.

PrimaDog Northern Treats

Freshly baked from raw meat dough and oven-roasted to juicy perfection, Northern Treats Bars and Bits contain up to 90% meat. This makes them an absolute treat and a real crowd-pleaser. These sturdy yet soft grain-free treats are easy to break by hand into smaller pieces without turning your pockets into a crumbly mess.

“The meat content in Northern Treats is really high. We add a pinch of salt to the meat mixture to achieve the right texture. The amount of added salt is very minimal and poses no harm to pets,” says PrimaDog's Product Management and Quality Manager, Aira Pitkänen. 

The vegetable glycerine used in the recipe is all-natural and works wonders in keeping the treats moist, ensuring they stay fresh for longer.

“Too dry products easily crumble to the bottom of the pocket. The ease of handling the treats increases when we fine-tune their moisture content by adding a little glycerol. Glycerol also affects the taste due to its natural sweetness. It has a low glycaemic index, so it doesn’t raise blood sugar.”

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PrimaDog Northern Treats koiran herkut ovat Oikun ja Kumman suosikkeja

Northern Treats Bars

You can pick out the yummiest flavour combo for your dog from four different options of meaty Northern Treats Bars.

"Right from the start, we assessed things like how the product tasted to the dog and whether it was suitable for their stomach. In terms of tastiness and stomach-friendliness, Northern Treats have been excellent products from the very beginning of product development," Pitkänen says.

Northern Treats Bars are generously sized, but you can snap them into perfect little bites for your furry friend. Northern Treats are made at our own factory in Estonia.

"We have developed these treats for all dogs, and even our cat likes to nibble on them."

Northern Treats Bits for puppies and training

Northern Treats Bits are tinier treats than our Bars, made with puppies in mind. But, these grain-free dog treats are ace for teaching tricks to dogs of any age, even getting the fussiest sniffer to give their all.

You can choose between turkey or reindeer-turkey Bits. The turkey Bits are packed with 88% meat, and the reindeer-turkey ones have an impressive 90 percent meat content. Both Northern Treats Bits options are totally chicken-free and only have the sources of animal protein mentioned in the product name.

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PrimaDog dog running trails in forest with Northern Treats dog treats packing image for the perfect hiking snacks

PrimaDog Wild Bites

When you are on the hunt for grain-free dog treats that are both meaty and low-fat, give PrimaDog Wild Bites a try. This lineup offers four tasty types with textures that are either semi-moist or crunchy.

The flavour options include duck, lamb, herring, and quail. Wild Bites Duck with Echinacea and Wild Bites Quail with Hawthorn Berries get a yummy boost from a poultry liver gravy that will get your dog's tail wagging. These two are also the lowest in fat in the range.

Wild Bites Lamb with Sea Buckthorn and Wild Bites Herring with Cloves stick to a single animal protein source and are completely free from poultry. Dive into these goodies.

Wild Bites are great for training and just the right size for most dogs, but if you need them smaller, the semi-moist ones are easy to break into smaller pieces. These grain-free dog treats are made in our own factory in the Czech Republic without any soy or added sugar.

Grain-free dog treats with Nordic design

Just like with our other products, the brains behind PrimaDog’s grain-free dog treats are our own Finnish expert team. Our crew includes several dog owners whose furry friends test the products right from the get-go of product development.

Northern Treats and some of the Wild Bites have been enriched with berries from the north, adding a dash of Nordic power to your dog's snack times.

In Northern Treats, we use dried blackcurrant, but the cranberry, sea buckthorn, and lingonberry are all surplus from the food industry. When making cold-pressed juices, what is left is berry pulp, packed with all the good bits of the berry – seeds and skins. Usually, it is overlooked in food production.

"Some might call it using berry pulp leftovers, but for us, it's a gem of an ingredient that we happily give a second life. It's a perfect boost to the nutritional mix of our recipes, and at the same time, we are supporting the circular economy," Aira Pitkänen comments.

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