PrimaDog dry foods are high-quality dog food and contains plenty of meat

Grain-free dry foods with tested tastiness

We tested our grain-free dry foods with dog owners to get feedback from consumers and hear how the food works in everyday life. We conducted the testing in Sweden through the Smartson network (Smartson Sweden, 2020). The testers fed PrimaDog dry foods to their dogs during a one-month test period. Our grain-free dry foods received top results from the taste board, which we share with joy and pride.

PrimaDogin grain-free dry foods tested by Smartson


PrimaDog Grain-free Salmon & Potato was an overwhelming favourite of testers: it was recommended by 97% of those who tested it.

“My dogs loved the food, and it even helped my dog's stomach problems so that he no longer has diarrhoea. The grain-free nature of the food, the low price and availability in most grocery stores are a good thing."

"Our dogs are clearly doing well with grain-free food. Great to find grain-free food with salmon.”

Salmon & Potato dry food did well in Smartson-test PrimaDog

The main ingredient of PrimaDog Salmon & Potato complete food is hypoallergenic salmon, which is rich in high-quality fatty acids and suitable for even the most demanding gourmet's bowl due to its excellent taste. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon oil support the well-being of the dog holistically and help the well-being of the skin and fur in particular. Omega-3 fatty acids are also believed to support the normal functioning of the brain and eyes and to maintain the functioning of a dog's immune system.


PrimaDog Grain-free Venison & Turkey was recommended by 88% of those who tested it.

"Tasty and well-functioning food that we even use as a training treat. Both of my dogs love it."

"Nutritious food that suits our dog perfectly."

PrimaDog Venison & Turkey grain-free dog food did well in Smartson test

PrimaDog Venison & Turkey contains all the nutrients your dog needs, as well as plenty of high-quality meat, which gives your dog energy and vitality for the activities of the day. Meat is the most important element of dog food, as the amino acids it naturally contains act as building blocks for the dog’s body and take care of the dog’s vitality. The combination of venison and turkey may be especially suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs for which the most common protein sources are not suitable. Nature’s own superfood spectrum provides a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids to help protect your dog’s body from the load from the environment.


PrimaDog Active Duck & Herring is a grain-free complete food designed specifically to suit the needs of an active dog. The dry food has a higher than usual fat and protein content, as well as ingredients that support the function of the joints and muscles. The product was developed in cooperation with the Finnish Agility Association (SAGI). More than 80% of the dog enthusiasts who took part in the testing rated the taste of the food as good or very good.

"Thanks to the fat and protein, my dog has the stamina to train and compete."

"Appeals even to the fussy dog."

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Active grain-free dry food for active dogs

A dog's stomach symptoms or itchy skin can be due to the contents of the food bowl. For dogs with sensitive stomachs, grain-free dog food and well-tolerated protein sources may be the answer to unwelcome allergy symptoms. The high-quality, grain-free PrimaDog dry foods have been developed on the basis of the latest research information with dogs' best interests in mind. The first and most important ingredient in our complete nutrition foods is always meat because every dog is primarily a carnivore. The recipe for the complete foods of the grain-free range contains as few allergens as possible, and no ordinary carbohydrate sources such as corn, wheat or rice. The products are made in Europe.

Do you want to test yourself? Trying PrimaDog products is easy. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products, which is why all PrimaDog products have a full satisfaction and quality guarantee.