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Keeping dog wellbeing at the heart of product development

Before PrimaDog's products hit the store shelves, a team of around twenty specialists from different fields has poured a great deal of effort into planning and crafting these items. Designing and developing our products requires considerable knowledge of dog nutrition, ingredients, packaging, and manufacturing processes.

All our PrimaDog dog foods, treats, and chews are designed in Finland, inspired by the stunning, pristine nature of the north. Why not take a moment to check out PrimaDog’s story? 

The starting point for designing PrimaDog dog foods and treats is always our customers – that is our four-legged friends and their owners, along with their needs. We aim to create products that are good for your dog's health, gentle on their stomachs, and richly nutritious. That is why our dog foods and treats include ingredients that boost your dog's wellbeing. For instance, our PrimaDog grain-free dry foods contain only well-tolerated sources of animal protein. In addition, we have enhanced many of our products with special superfood berries and herbs from the north.

We listen with pricked ears to your thoughts on our products. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve PrimaDog products, please share them with us through our contact form. 

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Thorough checks on dog food recipes

Who are we creating for? When we begin crafting recipes for our new products, we consider the intended users, such as whether they are adult dogs or puppies. If we are tailoring food for dogs with sensitive stomachs, we might produce a dog food with just one animal-based protein source, like lamb or turkey, which are easier for dogs to digest.

What are the products made of? The recipes are influenced by what we want in the product, the way it is made, and the availability of ingredients. For instance, since goat is only available seasonally, it does not make sense to rely on it regularly for our foods.

Most of our ingredients come from within the EU, and we carefully choose our suppliers to make sure they meet our high standards. We also want to use ecological and ethical ingredients, such as leftover meats and offal from food production, which are excellent for pet nutrition. Find out more about the quality and responsibility of PrimaDog products.

We are constantly working on improving our products:

  • We might adjust the manufacturing process to make it more environmentally friendly or more efficient.
  • We upgrade the technological quality of our products.
  • We modify or add new packaging sizes as needed.
  • If we encounter difficulties in the availability of ingredients, we test alternative options.
  • We take your feedback to heart and might, for example, include Nordic superfoods or other beneficial ingredients to our recipes at your request.
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Essential product tests

Test it to make it the best: Who could be better to test our products than our most important customers, the dogs themselves! Only with detailed product testing, we make sure our products are tasty and suitable for a wide variety of dogs. Our employees' dogs start testing our products early in development, and we also send out products for customers to try.

Furthermore, the products need to be tested on the factory production line. Our expert teams in Estonia and the Czech Republic oversee these tests, and our products undergo laboratory tests to make sure their composition is just right. Find out how we created the recipe for our popular Northern Treats.

Sharing is caring: A great example of a fruitful co-operation is the grain-free PrimaDog Active dry food that was created with agility enthusiasts who participated in the testing of the product. Active dry food was developed in partnership with the Agility Association of Finland for active dogs. Discover more about grain-free PrimaDog Active Duck & Herring dry food.